Start your Odate adventure with kiritampo

This site is your guide to sightseeing and kiritampo in Odate. Kiritampo is famous as the local delicacy, but there’s so much more to see and do in the area. Along with the Kiritampo Festival, we’re spreading the word about all the hidden gems Odate has to offer. Our goal is to introduce to newcomers the charm of Odate and in doing so help create bridges between peoples and cultures.



The Origins of Kiritampo

The humble origins of kiritampo trace back to peasants working in the mountains around Odate. [More…]

Kiritampo Festival

The humble origins of kiritampo trace back to peasants working in the mountains around Odate. [More…]

Odate City, Akita Prefecture

Odate sits along the banks of the Nagaki and Yoneshiro rivers in northeastern Akita. [More…]

Akita Dogs

The Akita dog breed, a designated National Treasure, traces its roots to Akita prefecture. [More…]

Odate Magewappa

Its praises sung in local folk songs, magewappa crafts started out as a sideline for local farmers. [More…]

Hinai jidori

Hinai Jidori(chicken) is sought after chefs around the country for its exquisite flavor and second to none texture. [More…]

Odate Station Hachiko Statue

Inspired by the plan to erect a Hachiko statue outside Shibuya Station, Odate decided follow suit and build one as well. [More…]

Akita Dog Museum

The Akita Dog Museum was built in 1978 in concurrence with the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Akita Dog Preservation Society. [More…]

Odate Magewappa Crafts Studio

Master craftsmen guide visitors through the process of making their own magewappa pieces at the Magewappa Crafts Studio. [More…]

Yatate Heights

Yatate Heights hot spring and hotel sits on a mountain pass separating Akita and Aomori prefectures. [More…]

Machiawase hachiko girls

With the help of the Kiritampo Festival Committee and the Local Idol Production Committee, [More…]

Odate Rose Festival

Visitors are invited to stop and smell the flowers during the Odate Rose Festival. [More…]

Tashiro Hot Spring “Yuppura”

With open-air baths, jet tubs, Jacuzzis, and rooms to stay the night, [More…]

Okuzo Hot Spring, Beniyama-sou

Originally built as a retreat for local timber workers, Beniyama-sou now offers a relaxing experience at a reasonable price. [More…]

Odate-Kosaka Railbike

Draisine, or railbikes as they’re commonly called, were originally designed for workers performing track maintenance. [More…]

Odate Station Lunchbox, Torimeshi, Hanazen

The Torimeshi Lunchbox has been a staple of Odate Station for over 60 years. [More…]

Hokushika Sake

Hokushika distillery has been producing the finest sake using the most advanced techniques since 1944. [More…]


Tonburi is harvested from the summer cypress plant using special techniques and has long been used as a part of traditional Chinese medicine and local cooking. [More…]