Originally built as a retreat for local timber workers, Beniyama-sou now offers a relaxing experience at a reasonable price. The clear, alkaline waters of the hot spring are renowned for helping with skin conditions.
After enjoying the cherry blossoms in the spring or the foliage in the fall, guests can treat themselves to a fresh, locally sourced meal at the connected restaurant. Specials on the menu include dishes made from local Hinai chicken and guests should be sure not to miss out on the regional specialty, kiritampo-nabe stew.

Okuzo Hot Spring, Beniyama-sou  http://beniyamasou.com/

Address : 5 Hinai Okuzo Kaneyamasawa port Odate, Akita Prefecture 018-5851 Akita
TEL : 0186-57-2324
Bathing : 8:00 to 21:00 (adults: 1 person per day 250 yen elementary school students: 150 yen per person per day)
Accommodation : 1 night with two meals (more than 2 person) ¥ 6,940 – (check-in 16:00 check-out 9:00)

大葛温泉 比内ベニヤマ荘