Yatate Heights hot spring and hotel sits on a mountain pass separating Akita and Aomori prefectures. The hotel is conjoined to the “Yatate Toge” travel plaza and nearby the Yatate Nature Trail winds through an historic Akita cedar forest.
The iron-rich waters of the hot spring are officially recognized by the Ministry of Environment for their healing properties for chronic skins conditions. The male and female sides of the two open-air baths switch on a daily basis.

Yatate Heights http://ohdate-yatate.com/

Address : 311 Nagashiri Chinese team field Odate, Akita Prefecture 017-0001 Akita
TEL : 0186-51-2311
Hours : Nights (Check-in 15:00 – Check Out 10:00)
Rates : general bath & nbsp; & nbsp; 350 yen (7:00 to 21:00)
Day off : Mu year