The faithful dog hometown statue was know to be the construction of Hachiko Odate in Shibuya, Mr. Taiji Kimura become founders, volunteers built a thing of the same prototype as the “faithful dog Hachiko statue” of Shibuya to Odate Station, Hachiko the unveiling ceremony was held in 1935 on 8 July of the deceased year.
As a symbol of the city of Shibuya as well as the Akita dog, but was loved by many people, 1945, it has been retired by the metal recovery Ordinance of the Pacific War as well as the Shibuya of the statue. Also bronze statue that has been loved by many citizens did not only exist slightly less than 10 years.
August after the war of 1947, Shibuya, but was rebuilt in front of the station, Odate Station of reconstruction did not realize.
Then much later was 1964 May, around the figure of the young of the faithful dog Hachiko is “Akita dog sculptured group” was built in Odate Station.
Also flow time fairly, 1984 falls on Hachiko’s death 50 years, Odate proposed by the Tourism Association, “faithful dog Hachiko Kai statue reconstruction” is formed, the fund-raising activities widely towards the reconstruction of the “faithful dog Hachiko statue” It was made.
And 1987 November 14, unveiling of Odate Station Hachiko statue was made. At this time, also Hachiko stuffed it came back to his hometown for the first time in 63 years was attendance.
Also, in this about 10 months ago of the same year February 3-5 days, the filming of the movie “Hachiko Story” is performed in Odate, after the first run gave the impression to many people.

Akita Dogs


Odate in front of the station Hachiko