Odate sits along the banks of the Nagaki and Yoneshiro rivers in northeastern Akita. It has long been hub of human activity in northern Tohoku dating all the back to the early Jomon era.
Thanks to the high quality timber and rich mineral resources of the area, Odate quickly developed into a cultural, political, and economic hub. Now Odate’s Eco-Town initiative is striving to create an environmentally friendly and sustainable city.
Odate Town was incorporated as a city in 1951. In 2005 Odate merged with neighboring Hinai and Tashiro towns to form the Odate City of today.
Approximately 78,000 people live in Odate. With its beautiful scenery and easy access via Odate Noshiro Airport and the Tohoku expressway, Odate is emerging as the world’s gateway to northern Tohoku.